Kompan Adepa logoKƆmpan Adepa is not a religion as such but an ancient ancestral spiritual pathway to Onyame that pre-dates recorded history. Kɔmpan Adepa existed since beginning of time and has its origins in ƆDOMANKOMA, who created things. What did ƆDOMANKOMA create? ƆDOMANKOMA created Kɔmpan Adepa. Therefore KƆmpan Adepa is the original practice for all of us here and elsewhere from the moment of creation and must be reflected and integrated in our lifestyles. The principles of KƆmpan Adepa are consistent with all ancient ancestral African traditions, and are referred to by many names.

In 1994 desiring to know what the Bono people called their spiritual practice Nana Sakyi consulted with his father and teacher, Nana Kofi Donkɔ and asked him “what do we call our spiritual practice”? He was told it is called Kɔmpan Adepa. Nana Kofi Donkɔ went on to say Kɔmpan Adepa was taught to the Bono people by their Atanɔ abosom. The word Kom, refers to hunger or thirst, but in a spiritual sense it is hunger or thirst for Onyame. This state of hunger or thirst is what is felt by ɔbosomfo and ɔkomfo whose profession requires that they abstain from physical gratification in order that the ɔbosom may display wonders, such as to communicate, foretell, dance, sing and perform the necessary rituals. Kom also has another meaning this is what the ɔbosom does, it enters, mount, penetrate, get into the ɔbosomfoɔ/ ɔkɔmfɔ which basically is possession. To put it simply Kom is a path (okwan) that leads you to Onyame through the Ɔbosom. The next word Pan comes from Panyin, which means to be ripen, mature, or seasoned, this is how the elders are viewed. Ade refers to things, doings or happenings. Pa simply means good.

Then again in 1998 he spoke to Nana Kofi Donkɔ’s senior classmate Nana Kofi Kyereme, Ta Kwasi obosomfɔ, the obosom Ta Kwasi is ɔkyeame to Ta Mensa. Nana Donkɔ and Nana Kofi Kyereme were both trained by the then Ta Mensa ɔbosomfo. Nana Kyereme offered another possible meaning behind Kompa Adepa, he said it was also the name an olden weaved cloth that was passed down from generation to generation and no matter how much it is worn or washed it will never wear out or fall apart.

These concepts reflect the attitude and commitment of the ancestors to Kɔmpan Adepa. Those desiring to learn and live by KƆmpan Adepa must practice Sankofa (to return and claim their heritage). Kɔmpan Adepa is dedicated to preserving and living the highest ideal of Bono culture as it was passed down to Nana Sakyi by his beloved teachers, Nana Kofi Effa, Nana Kofi Donkɔ, Nana Adwoa Akumsa and advisor Nana Kofi Kyereme. He is again eternally grateful to his brother and ɔkyeame Kofi Sakyi for his valuable time spent being his communicator and interpreter. Kɔmpan Adepa serves to unite and educate those of African descent who were torn apart from their ancient ancestral lineage both here in the Americas, abroad, and in Ghana. It is also dedicated to promoting and maintaining the shrines so that it may not fall into disrepair and neglect, because they serve as a link between the Bono people of Takyiman, Ghana and those abroad thirsty and hungry for living and practicing ancient traditions.