KWABENA BENA – A family obosom from the Tanɔ River.

Ɔbosomfoɔ and Ɔkɔmfɔ – A matrilineal priest who is chosen by the family or family god to service. Ɔbosomfɔ is senior to the ɔkomfoɔ and can only possess the ɔbosom when the yawa is placed on his head. When the ɔbosom does not have to be carried in order to be possessed, this person is called ɔkomfoɔ. Ɔkomfoɔ can be male or female, and can possess the god any time or place.

Abusua Panyin – Family elder who is always consulted before any major decision is made, this person can be either male or female and speaks on the behalf of everyone. Functions as custodian of the obosom and acts as coordinator between Chiefs and the ɔbosomfoɔ.

Ɔkyeame – The mediator between the public and priest or obosom. The ɔkyeame knows all the rules, protocols, taboos and regulations of the shrine. Is always present when any activity surrounds the shrine and is versed in the language of the obosom. The ɔkyeame is normally in the service of one ɔkɔmfɔ but can be employed by other priests. Some abosom act as ɔkyeame for others.

Ɔbaa Panyin – Elder female who is consulted to settle disputes. The Ɔbaa Panyin assists the Soɔdofo, feeds the ancestors, conducts soul purifications and nominates candidate for Queenmother.

Ɔbrafoɔ – A person who acts like a policeman maintaining law and order, paving the way for the ɔbosomfoɔ and obosom. He sings appellations to stimulate and motivate the obosom. When a obosom acts as such he is called Obosommerafoɔ punishing offenders and witches.

Sanahene – Chief treasurer

Asokwahene/Kyerema – Chief drummer who understands and supervises all ɔkɔm drummers.

Soɔdofoɔ – Supervises the feeding of the ancestors and soul purifications. The ɔbaa Panyin can assist the soɔdofoɔ. The lead cook for the obosom and supervisor of all cooking associated with rituals.

Dwontofoɔ – Lead singer and supervisor for all singers around the shrine.

Ahenkwa – Chief servant or helper for the obosom can assist putting the obosom on the head of the priest.

Pigahene – Chief person responsible for putting the obosom on the head and putting medicines and nsuman on the priest. Carries all umbrellas, drums etc.

Sumankwa – This person in a limited capacity takes the role of the priest when feeding nsuman that eats the taboos of the priest.