Adae – A 42 day or six weeks periodic spiritual celebrations observed on what is called Abono nne, i.e. worshipping days and festivals which falls during the week ( Kwabenada/Tuesdays, Wukuada/Wednesdays, and Fieada/Fridays, etc.). The Adae is a day of rest from work and travel when yams, sheep, libations are offered to the ɔbosom. It takes nine adae to to complete the cycle of one Akan year in which the final celebration is called Afahye.

Worship- The Bono makes prayers and offerings through State obosom, Family abosom, and Ancestors.

Prefixes and there meanings: Kuru: sacred Kwa: free, without a cause Mono: fresh Fo: rest, content Nwona: day to settle household Nkyi: not hated are added to the beginning of each day of the week, Kwasiada/Sunday, Dwoada/Monday, Benada/Tuesday, Wukuoda/Wednesday, Yawoada/Thursday, Fiada/Friday, and Memeneda/Saturday.

  • Kuru Kwasi
  • Kwa Dwo
  • Mono Bena
  • Fo Wuku, etc.

(Kwasiada, Dwoada, Benada, Wukuada, Yawoada, Fiada, and Memeneda – to give further appellation to that day. For example: Kuru Kwasiada, Kwa Benada, Mono Wukuada, etc.)