Classes on Akan-Bono Culture and Spirituality flyerLearn about the Spiritual World, Physical World and Culture from the Akan-Bono perspective.

Spiritual: Odomankoma, Bosom, Ancestors & Creation
Physical: Aspects of Human Beings, Abusua, Nton & the Soul
Culture: Rites of Passage, Adaes, Celebrations & Taboos

The classes will follow the 9-month Akan calendar and will be held on the Adapa of each Adae (night before a holy day).

Dates for the 4th session (2020): March 4th, March 13th, March 16th and March 18th

Time: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Class Format: Live webinar

Class Donation per Session:

(Part of the class donations will go to Kompan Adepa and to support the shrines and community in Takyiman, Ghana.)

Contact us for questions or more information.